About Underwood Animal Clinic

Underwood Animal Clinic (UAC) is a small animal practice, dealing primarily with dogs and cats. We currently do not see birds, exotics, or equine and are open to exploring those possibilities.

Located in La Porte, Texas, the clinic is approximately 45 minutes from both Houston and Galveston and just ten minutes off Highway 225. With a population of about 40,000, La Porte is a bedroom community in a predominately blue-collar neighborhood. The average household income is in the $50,000 – $90,000 range and we have two of the top-rated school districts in Texas surrounding us (La Porte and Deer Park).

The practice opened in April 1984 and moved to its current freestanding building in April 1989. The clinic buildings contain about 300 square feet. Current equipment includes a 300 MA Summit X-ray machine, automatic X-ray processor, two Isoflurane anesthetic machines, and an in-house CITE blood chemistry machine and electrolyte analyzer. Routine cytology on aspirates and tissue/sample smears are processed in-house or can be sent out if desired. We have two binocular microscopes and one monocular microscope. The clinic has been computerized for 19 years and the Avimark computer software is user-friendly.

Underwood Animal Clinic

(346) 222-1834

2199 Underwood Rd La Porte, TX 77571